Do you know about Dave and Melody Murray? Or about the Hansow family and what they’ve been up to? If not, that’s so not ok with me.

The Murrays are living the kind of life that brings true joy and we live in a world where the evening news is never going to care or tell us these kinds of stories. But the Hansow family knows differently. Here are their own words from their 2014 Kickstarter campaign:

“TV Networks Think You’re Shallow, WE DON’T.”

They raised the funds, started their own show, produced 3 seasons and after watching only one episode, I feel I have enough hope and inspiration to endure whatever hardships may come my way.

I will give the rest of my life to get films like these seen.

Give your soul some satisfying food and check out The Find Show. (This particular video does not feature Dave Murray, but the link to the business he started is included below.)




Film: Lot More Dance Parties

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The Find Show

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