Welcome. The doors are wide open. Inside, an empty chair with your name on it.

Come in, sit down, and behold the beauty.

This is your invitation.

To remember and reimagine what is possible.

May you find your Yes’s, enter them fully, and in so-doing clarify your No’s.

The Community of Yes is a celebration of what this can look like. It’s an invitation to a kind of feast. An inspiration-station.

It’s a place where we are allowed a view into the stories of people who have said Yes to their lives, whether that looks like a creative response to living with life not going our way, a devotion to the love of craft or doing an ordinary task with great love.

These are the stories of common folk who say yes to life’s invitation to stay engaged with an open heart over numbing, running or recycling our pain. It’s taking whatever life circumstances and resources we’ve been given and using it to contribute to that which brings more life, healing and restoration to our hurting world.

  • It’s a place where we meet a woman who makes art out of medical xrays, transforming pictures of people’s pain as well as her own grief, into something beautiful.
  • It’s a place where a quadraplegic who has come to terms with her new normal embraces the thing she can do, learns how to paint with her mouth and starts a non-profit for others living with disabilities.
  • It’s a place where we meet people living with loss of all kinds, who don’t sugar-coat the truth of their hardship, but share how they have found hope in the midst of it all.

A place to exercise the imagination towards what is possible, even when life doesn’t go our way and pain is a constant partner on the journey.

It’s a place, I hope, of connection and encouragement when you may be feeling alone.

It’s also a work in progress – the beginnings of a greater vision which I hope we can create together. A safe space, for those more interested in asking questions than having all the answers. A place where you too can contribute your stories of hope. A place to find and feed on what I like to call the glory of God made known in humanity, the extraordinary in so called ordinary folk, a community gallery – a “show and tell” of the wonderful and diverse ways the “yes” can look like in the living out of all our lives.

Join us in the Yes movement. Live out your Yes’s and create your own ways to celebrate those of others. And if you find encouragement, inspiration and hope in these films, consider supporting the filmmakers.

Thank you,


“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” – Henry D. Thoreau