“Having 50,000 or 100,000 people spread across a geographic area doesn’t create a sense of community until and unless they have a chance to see one another, to learn of one another, to understand that they share a common place, and a common faith, and common issues. The local minority and ethnic media allows that to happen by showing in the pages of the newspaper lives of others, like oneself.

The idea develops that you are not just there with you and your own family but that there’s a community that you belong to.” Professor Hayg Oshagan

“The state of Michigan was in big trouble. We were down. Because we were down we needed each other to rise up again.” Tack-Yong Kim, Publisher, Michigan Korean Weekly

New Michigan Media (NMM) is a network of ethnic and minority media across the state of Michigan, organized in 2006 by Professor Hayg Oshagan, director of NMM, at Wayne State University’s Department of Communication.

NMM is affiliated with New America Media.


Film: New Michigan Media – A Fresh Voice

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